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The annual prize day of 2010 was held on 14th October 2011 in Jalaaludheen Maalam of Madhrasathul Ifthithaah.

The function began at 9:00 pm with the arrival of the chief guest, Mr. Zubair Mohamed, chief executive officer of Maldives Polytechnic.
The event began with the recitation of holy Quran followed by the translation. Next was the hoisting of the flags by the cadets followed by the school song which was played by the school brass band.

The principal Mr. M.N Mohamed Riza gave a valuable speech and congratulated all the prize winners. He also highlighted the focus of the school, which is to increase the number of students who pass in 5 subjects to above 60% of the candidates. He also presented the annual report of 2010.

The prizes were given away to the prize winners by the special guests. General proficiency, class prizes, subject prizes, honor listed awards, discipline awards and class progress prizes were included. Atoll level, national and international achievements were announced in this memorable function.

Six students were ranked in the CIE O’ level, IGCSE and SSC national top ten. Liwa Abdulla Aamaal/Fulheyli- 1st place, Haleemath Hanaan/Lainoofaruge- 2nd place, Abdullah Mohammed/Vaijeheyge- 4th place, Khadheejath Dhahaahu Abdulla/Narugisge- 4th place, Aishath Alhaan Hameed/Baani-8th place, Tholhath Ali/Alhivilaage-10th place

The chief guest, Mr. Zubair Mohamed highlighted on how to keep up your achievements and how to make use of it. He accentuated the fact that the education should not only be bookish but also be practical in our day to day life. He also mentioned the importance of experience other than education to achieve a triumphant career.

Student Liwa Abdulla Aamaal has made her mark by achieving first place in the national top 10 for the first time in the history of Madhrasathul Ifthithaah.

The most remarkable achievement of the function was the awarding of the best all round of 2010 Haleemath Hanaan 10S1. She expressed her sincere gratitude to her beloved parents and everyone who had helped her to achieve this significant accomplishment.

The function came to an end by the vote of thanks by the school captain and deputy captain. The national anthem was played by the band followed by refreshment to all the invited guests.

- Dhua Abdulla & Mariyam Aalau -

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