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The inauguration of ICT club for the year 2012 was held on 30th of March. In this event the newly elected executive board were announced, who helped in every way to consummate this event. Certificates and a special award had been given to those who gave their share in coordinating and executing its programmes. The chief guest for the night was principal of Lhaviyani Atoll Education Centre Ms. Fazna Yoosuf Faariq

The inauguration ceremony was held at the Jalaalludhin Maalam.The whole event was excellently hosted by students Dhua Abdulla Aamal – 10B1 & Abdulla Humaam – 10S1.The momentous night was started with the recitation of the holy Qur’an by student Khadheejath Nabaahath – 10S1 followed by Dhivehi translation by student Aminath Hilmiyya – 10S1 and English translation by student Hawwa Ajfaan – 10S1. Afterward, an introductory speech was given by the incharge of ICT club Mr. Abdulla Nadeem.

Next was the cardinal purpose of this ceremony, adjudging the executive board of ICT club 2012, which was announced by student Shaliya Yoosuf – 10S1, while certificates were handed over to the new executive board members by the chief guest Ms. Fazna Yoosuf Faariq.ICT club executive board members for the year 2012 include;

President – Liva Abdulla Aamal – 11B
Vice president – Ali Jaadhulla – 11S
Administrative officer – Shimaanath Rasheedha -11B
Budget officer – Fathmath Shuba Shahidh – 9S1
Media officer – Aishath Alhan Hameed – 11S
Assistant media officer – Kausar Yoosuf – 11S
Technical officer – Ali Hussain – 11S
Assistant technical officer – Zuha Fath-hulla – 9S1

This was followed by a presentation about the ICT club which was presented by the executive board members, followed by handing certificates to contributors of ‘Eythi Meethi Sale 2011’, by the Deputy principle Mr. Mohamed Hussain.
On behalf of the school MR. M.N Mohamed Riza gave a speech about how ICT club came into existence and also briefed the roles of the club involving the school and soceity. In addition to that he congratulated the newly elected members of the executive board and all the participants of this grand ceremony.

A special award of gratitude was presented to Mr. Ahmedh Jawaadh by the school principal Mr. M.N Mohamed Riza in appreciation of his services in creating and developing the school website.

After that was a visual annual report narrated by President Liva Abdulla Aamaal 11-B. She announced that photos have now been uploaded in the school website gallery. She remarked the grand success of eythi meethi sale 2011 and said they would be looking forward for these kinds of activities in future. She also mentioned the club had remedied the executive board and declared that official color of ICT would be Red.

Next was speech by the chief guest, principal of Lhaviyani Atoll Education Centre Ms. Fazna Yoosuf Fariq. She pointed out the importance of ICT these days. Especially the role it plays in the education system. For a generation interested in social networking, she advised to use networking in the most beneficial of ways.

Afterwards vote of thanks was presented as a visual report, narrated by Manal Abd Rahman – 10S1 and Zuha Fath-hulla – 9S1. They thanked the chief guest of the night for finding time for attending the inauguration despite of their busy schedule. For all the support that he has given the club, principal Mr. M.N. Mohamed Riza was certainly not forgotten. In addition, school management and leading teachers were thanked for their support and co operation. Without a doubt, such a grand event could not be held without the help of many. Club coordinator Abdulla Faiz, and all the other staff members had assisted remakably and definitely deserved a warm thanks. Last but not the least, the parents were thanked from the bottom of the heart for their countless sacrifices in both time and money.

The memorable night was concluded with refreshments and opportunity to give feed backs to the club.

-Fathimath Sarrau and Haleemath Reem-

© 2012 Madhrasathul Ifthithaah