The ICT club of Madhrasathul Ifthithaah was inaugurated on 23rd September 2011. With the help of the last year’s in charges and the Executive Board members the club gained a lot of popularity among all the students, teachers and staffs of the school.

To start a fresh new year the Club elected new members for the ICT Club Executive Board.

  • Preparation for the election

Students of grade 8, 9 and 11 were given the opportunity to compete in the election of ICT Club Executive Board 2012 for the different posts which they were interested in. Hence the students, who were interested, nominated themselves to the 9 posts which were:

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Administrative Officer
  4. Budget Officer
  5. Media Officer
  6. Assistant Media Officer
  7. Technical Officer
  8. Assistant Technical Officer
  9. Resource Manager
  • Campaign Procedure

Students who nominated themselves were given the opportunity to campaign for themselves. There were only two post for which campaigning had been necessary.  For all the other posts except President and Media Officer, students were elected automatically as they were the only ones who applied for the posts. One of the Campaigning activities included handing out flyers throughout the school.

  • Voting Process and Candidates View

The election for the ICT club posts was held on 16th February 2012 (Thursday) in the school hall. The voting began at 1:30 pm. The election was conducted to two posts, as mentioned before, the post of President and the post of media officer. Each and every member of the ICT club voted for the member, who in their opinion was the most deserving. All the members of the club agreed that the voting went quiet peacefully.

  • Vote Counting

The vote counting process was carried out in the presence of the club in charges and the previous year’s ICT Club Executive Board members by the ICT Election Coordinator Ali Arafaath.
The inauguration will be held on 30th march 2012 in which the new ICT Club Executive Board Members will be officially announced.

-Zuha Fathuhulla, Fathimath Shuba and Haleemath Reem-

Election Results and aftermath

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