Cub Scout

Cub Scout activities were first started in Madhrasathul Ifthithaah in the year 1989, which was 3 years after the Scout was formed in Madhrasathul Ithithaah. It was formed under the guidance of Zaeemaa Ibrahim, Shaadhiyaa Abdu Latheef and Khadhejaa Mohamed. The first Pack swore oath on 3rd November 1986 with 36 cub scouts. After this very moment Cub Scout activities have been carried in the school flawlessly year after year.

• Learn new physical skills through sports, crafts, and games
• Learn how to get along with others through group activities
• Develop personal independence
• Learn to make value-based decisions that will assist him throughout his adult life
• Showing how to be helpful and to do one’s best
• Providing fun and exciting new things to do

Cub Scout Organization Chart

Cub Scout Organization Chart for the year 2011

Currently there are over 42 cub scouts in Madhrasathul Ifthithaah. These students are between 9 and 11 years of age. Adheel Abdulla has been the Akeyla of cub scouts since the year 2010.
Today Madhrasathul Ifthithaah Cub Scout group consists of 2 troops named Feroz and Alimasand each troop is led by a sixer and is divided into 4 patrols each consists of 5 or 6 cub scouts. These patrols are managed by a petrol leader and an assistant under him.

Troop sixers and Patrol leaders selected for the year2011.

Alimas( 9th PACK ): Sixer Manaan Mohamed
• Bonthi : Abdulla Haany Ibrahim
• Ihaa : Abdulla AdhuleeAdhil
• Ethumaa : Manaan Mohamed
• Ilaa : Ahmed Raazin Rasheedh

Feroz(10th PACK ): Sixer Ali Ahnaf Mohamed
• Rindhali : Mohamed Khalaf Abdul Ghanee
• Muraka : Ali Ahnaf Mohamed
• Muithoshi : Haabeel Abdulla
• Endheri : Mohamed Aadhil


  • Cub scout 8th pack enrolment – 3rd April 2009
  • Cub scout 4th pack going up ceremony and 6th pack enrolment – 23rd September 2005
  • Cub scout 5th and 6th holiday -13th April 2006
  • Enrolment ceremony – 12th October 2002
  • First thinking day at school – 22nd February 1999
  • Uniform body outing at LH.Vavvaru – 15th June 1999
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