Girl Guides


Girl Guide activities were started in 1989, in Madhrasathul Ifthithaah. The first company was made up of 36 students. The in charges of the first Girl Guide Company were Shakeeba Abdulla (Athamaage) and Shaziyya Zakariyya (Miriyaasge). The oath taking ceremony was conducted on 3rd November 1989. The enroller was Niumath Shafeeq, commissioner of Girl Guide Association.

However, the Girl Guide activities came to a halt from 7th March 1993 onwards as the Girl Guide Incharges moved to Male’. This gap lasted for five years.

Restarting of Girl Guide Activities

Girl Guide activities were restarted with a new passion in 1998, with the help of the new headmaster, Mr. Mohamed Shareef. The guiders of the year were Aishath Nihaadh (Madhugasdhoshuge’) and Shimla Sultana (Guraha).

Progress of Girl Guide activities in Madhrasathul Ifthithaah

Girl guides were enrolled for the first time by the Deputy Chief Commissioner Mrs. Niumath Shafeeq. The main activities of Girl guides include the celebration of Thinking Day, Voluntary Working Days, National Days and Woman’s Day.

From 1998 excluding the year 2000, Girl Guide activities were conducted regularly. In each year, a fresh batch of 36 Guides are Recruited in accordance to the feedback for the announcement made by the school regarding the entry. As of now, general meetings are held once a week. A letter from the Student and a letter from the parent need to be submitted to school office in order to request for the membership. All the companies recruited on this basis are trained in First Class and are enrolled and the Second Class badges are provided by the school. The proficiency badges, required in second class were paid for by the parents.

In accordance with the basic rule of the Girl Guide, weekly meeting are conducted to give away lessons and to complete work required for badge. Once in a month an official meeting is conducted and a subscription of Rf 10 is taken. The money is used for important Girl Guide activates. 

By the year 2002 guiding activities gradually declined as the active leader in charge moved away. However, it regained strength again after 2002 when Mirza Mohamed and Zaahira Yousuf became the new Guiders.

On 25th January 2003, the chief commissioner Niumath Shafeeq met all the Girl Guides and Guiders. In the meeting vital information and ideas were given on the way companies need to be run and other activities which should be proceeded, with the help of this information and ideas, important changes were brought to Girl Guides.

In this respect, on 22nd March 2003, all the four companies were divided into three companies, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Students were allotted to these companies. The Girl Guide meetings were moved from indoor class room based to outdoor based where great deal of flexibility in teaching and activities are possible.

Purpose and objectives

  1. To provide a program with a range of activities and interesting hobbies which are enjoyable and educational
  2. To develop individual character based on the values expressed in the Promise and Law.
  3. To develop relationships and learn to participate in community activities.

Current Status

Girl Guide activities are now being run under the hands of Guide Leaders, Mirza Mohamed, Zaahira Yousuf, Aminath Farushaana and Yumna Azeez. There are now 65 members in the Ifthithaah Girl Guide Community, which is quite less compared to previous years. The entire body is divided into two companies. They are gold company and silver company. Each company contains subdivisions or patrols named iris, hibiscus, temple, orchid, jasmine and oleander.

There are 5 to 6 students in each patrol. Each patrol has a leader and an assistant leader. Patrol leaders elected for the year 2011 are as follows;

Gold company leader – Aishath Samaah

  • Iris – Khadheejath Nabaahath
  • Hibiscus – Mukarram Mohamed
  • Temple – Aminath Nuha
  • Orchid – Fathmath Aroofa
  • Jasmine – Dhua Abdulla
  • Oleander – Hawwa Nafahaath

Silver company leader – Futhoon Ahmed

  • Iris – Mariyam Aalaau
  • Hibiscus – Aminath Hilmiyya
  • Temple – Zuha Fathuhulla
  • Orchid – Haleemath Layaan
  • Jasmine – Shiba Abdul Qanee
  • Oleander – Aishath Sawaa

Girl Guide meeting are conducted every Saturday on a weekly basis. A subscription of Rf.5 has to be paid by members on every official meeting which is usually held once a month.

Past events

  • Hike lunch – 26th July 2011
  • Girl Guide food fair (fund raising activity) – 18th March 2011
  • Thinking day celebrations – 22nd February 2011
  • Century Badge Awarding – 5th February 2011
  • Year end party 5th November 2010
  • Enrolment ceremony 4th November 2010
  • Girl Guide debate – (on changing lives of women) 3rd November 2010
  • Visiting 100 old people – 7th October 2010
  • Sports gymkhana – 1st October 2010
  • Pakistan Appeal – 4th September 2010
  • Outdoor cooking 100 recipes – 7th August 2010
  • Planting 100 trees – 23rd July 2010
  • 10th Asia Pacific Regional Conference – 3rd to 9th July 2010
  • Photography course – 5th to 24th June 2010
  • Beach cleaning 100 meters – June 2010
  • Entertaining 100 children – 28th May 2010
  • Street Rally celebrating 100 years of changing lives – 10th April 2010
  • Capsule burying – 10th April 2010
  • Child nursing camp – 3rd April 2010
  • Swimming program – 25th February to 2nd March 2010
  • Girl Guide Enrolment and Second Class Badge awarding ceremony – 20th February 2010
  • 26th Asian Pacific-Regional Scout Jamboree at Philippines – 28th December 2009 to 3rd January 2010 
  • Environment camp at K.Vilingili– 19thto 12th November 2009
  • Patrol Leader’s Training camp at K.Kudabandos – 8th to 11th June 2009
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