Little Maids


Little Maid activities were started on 8th March 1990 in Madhrasathul Ifthithaah.  It was originally known as brownies. At first the whole body consisted of 40 primary female students. The in charges of the first batch of brownies were primary teachers of the school; Aishath Ibrahim (Binhimage), Shaziyya Zakariyya (Miriyaasge).

After this the activity was continued as Little maids under the keen eye of trained leaders Aishath Nihaadh (Madhugasdhoshuge), Aishath Ali (Hirudhuge),Shimla Sultana (Guraha), Mariyam Rausha (Sunaaruge), Mariyam Laiza (Heenaage).

Progress of Little Maids in Madhrasathul Ifthithaah
The main activities of Little Maids include the celebration of Thinking Day along with their sister guides, voluntary working days, Women’s day and other remarkable days.

Each year a fresh batch of 30 little maids are recruited from grade 3 applicants according to their discipline and academic conduct. Each batch of little maids is known as a pack. As of now, there have been a total of 13 packs in the school. As soon as the batch enrolls, they start their work for acquiring faith badges. When all 3 faith badges (Bronze, Silver and Gold) are attained, the girls start their work for their interest of proficiency badges. Along with the proficiency badges, 3 other badges (Golden Bar, Golden Ladder, and Golden Hand) have to be attained before the flying up ceremony. Flying up ceremony is held when the batch reaches 7th grade. In this ceremony, the little maids are joined by their sister guides as they finish their time as little maids. The girls receive wings badge which is later worn by them if they join Girl Guides. This badge represents that they have been a little maid.

Purpose and Objectives 

  1. To provide a programme with a range of activities and interesting hobbies which are enjoyable and educational
  2. To develop individual character based on the values expressed in the Promise and Law
  3. To develop relationships and learn to participate in community activities
  4. To develop friendship and sisterhood between the young girls

Current status

Due to lack of guide leaders all the students of 11th and 12th pack were transferred to Girl Guide.

The entire body is divided into packs. Each pack has a pack leader who is chosen after testing their bravery and leadership qualities. Each pack contains subdivisions or patrols named boat maids, Coral maids, Sand maids, Weed maids, Fish maids and Shell maids.

Little Maid meetings are conducted every Saturday on a weekly basis. A subscription of Rf.1 has to be paid by members on every meeting.

Past events

  • Little Maid 12th and 13th pack’s pack holiday – 9th April to 2nd April
  • Little Maid 11th pack’s pack holiday – 19th June to 20th June 2009
  • Little Maid 11th pack enrolment – 4th April 2009
  • Little Maid 9th and 10th pack golden bar – 12th November 2008
  • Little Maid 9th and 10th pack’s pack holiday – 8th August 2008
  • Little Maid 8th pack golden hand and flying up ceremony – 13th November 2006
  • Little Maid 9th an 10th pack enrolment – 28th September 2006
  • Little Maid 8th pack golden ladder and pack holiday – 15th June 2006
  • Little Maid 7th pack golden hand and flying up ceremony – 10th June 2006
  • Little Maid 7th pack golden ladder – 19th May 2006
  • Uniform bodies outing camp (ifthi camp) – 12th November  to 13th November 2005
  • Little Maid 8th pack golden bar ceremony – 10th September 2005
  • Little Maid 6th pack golden hand and flying up ceremony – 22nd August 2005
  • Little Maid 7th pack golden bar ceremony – 13th May 2005
  • Little Maid 8th pack enrolment ceremony – 7th August 2004
  • Little Maid 7th pack enrolment ceremony – 28th February 2004
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