Prefects Board


A prefect board was first instituted on 17th September 1990 on the occasion of the 61st Anniversary of Madhrasathul Ifthithaah, with the aim of giving an opportunity for the students to develop their abilities and leadership qualities. Under the guidance of Mr Ahmed Naeem , and Mr Ali Moosa (Thanhalhige) as incharge, thirty one students were selected according to their academic, disciplinary and extracurricular performances. These students were given a modified badge to wear on their uniform and the male prefects wore white trousers in order to distinguish them from others.

Prefect duties then included Library Bookkeeping, undertaking the responsibility of prompt bell alarms as per the time table and also acting as substitute teachers at times of teachers’ absenteeism.

Here is a list of the first prefects of Madhrasathul Ifthithaah.

1 Abdul Wahid Abdulla Kekurimaage
2 Mohamed Moosa Fenboavalhuge
3 Abdul Haleem Abdulla Maakoani
4 Abdulla Moosa Jan’buge
5 Abdulla Rasheedh Kuredhivaruge
6 Abdulla Raaziq Ibrahimeehiya
7 Naadhira Abdulla Sosunge
8 Fathmath Shaazleen Naseema manzil
9 Khaalidha Easa Mutheege
10 Hameedha Abu Bakr Asreevilla
11 Niuma Mohamed Nagilijehige
12 Laila Abdulla Raiytharige
13 Aafiyath Moosa Rediyamge
14 Ali Adam Palm Cottage
15 Abdulla Hafiz Canary
16 Neema Ibrahim Gahaa
17 Maiza Hassan Heenaage
18 Raziyya Abdulla Beydhanaage
19 Hamidh Mohamed  Nivaadhashuge
20 Abdulla Ibrahim Mina
21 Zaeemath Ismail Noovil
22 Abdul Hameedh Abdul Qafoor Saathy
23 Fathmath Ibrahim Charumaage
24 Aishath Abdulla Medhurige
25 Zeeniya Abdulla Rathafandhooge
26 Azra Abdul Rahmaan Dhethandimaage
27 Sheereena Mohamed Oceanvilla
28 Mohamed Areef Ahmed Dhilkashge
29 Abdul Azeez Zakariyya Hiyaalaage
30 Ahmed Saajidh Baaqbeydha
31 Mohamed Nizaam Merry Cabin

In the years that followed, the prefect board of Madhrasathul Ifthithaah continued to help the school management in maintaining the discipline in the school grounds through authorities granted to them.

In the first years of establishment, apart from their duties, the prefects made it a high priority to write and publish their very own magazine on annual basis. It was named ‘Samugaa’ and was rather famous at that time. Moreover, a series of wall magazines called ‘Hungaanu’ were also published in the years 1990 and 1991. But, because of the changes in management, these magazines importance faded with time.

In the year 1996 it was decided to promote prefects who served the school for one year as senior prefects as long as required discipline and involvement in extracurricular activities were fulfilled. The first School leaders, a School Captain and a Deputy School Captain were also elected among the prefects that year. Ahmed Ibrahim (Mala) was honored the position of the first School Captain and Aishath Sheereen (Han’dhu) was the Deputy School Captain.

From 1997 onwards, the prefect in charges came to believe that senior prefects should be made recognizable and thus a star was given to those prefects right above the prefect badge on their uniforms.

The prefect board of Madhrasathul Ifthithaah experienced its finest time under the keen eye of Mr.Ahmed Hussain and Mr.Mohamed Ayad in the year 2005. The prefects were given remarkably high delegation and the Prefects Day this year was celebrated significantly. The prefects also took part in a workshop about becoming a leader while following Islamic rules and ethics regarding discipline. This workshop lasted three months.

The year 2005 brought a rather smart change to the male prefect uniform. A purple office tie with a fine embroided school badge was introduced. However, female prefects were not given this prospect until the Oath Taking Ceremony of the year 2007.

During the year 2008, Principal Mr Mohamed Haleem joined the school and strengthened the prefect promotion policy along with small changes to the badges. A demotion policy was also introduced. School leaders were given red stars instead of purple and the House Captains received a Bar on top of their badge which matches the color of the house they represent. This system is being followed at present as well.

Current Status

Mr Ibrahim Khaleel and Mrs Khazna Ibrahim have been prefects in charges for the past two years. Mrs Khadheejath Mamdhooha has also joined the prefect community this year in order to assist with the management process.

Today, prefect ship is given to those applicants who have good academic record as well as discipline. They also undergo an interview which proves the formality of the allocation process. It must be noted that in the past few years, the number of male prefects are incredibly low compared to the large number of female prefects who join the prefect community every year.

In the beginning of this current year, the School Senior Management team along with the prefect in charges decided to make further amendments to the prefect promotion policy in electing the school leaders. Thus it was decided that from next year onwards, school leaders will be elected through a student vote.

Furthermore, the well known prefect magazine ‘Samuga’ has been republished again after a long interval in the previous year and is expected to be published this year as well.

Duties of a Prefect

  1. Respect the rules and regulations of the school
  2. Be an example in good conduct and behavior to all other students
  3. Be obedient to the teachers and authorities at all times
  4. Inform the school authorities if and when any misbehavior occurs
  5. Hoist the national and school flags in the morning assembly
  6. Help to maintain silence in classes before the arrival of teachers in the morning
  7. Help the school to keep the records of late comers in the morning and after the interval
  8. Help the school management when there is a need specially during the afternoon session
  9. Attend the weekly prefect meetings
  10. Report to all school functions 15 minutes earlier than the other students or as instructed
  11. Help the school authorities in arranging for different activities of the school
  12. Complete the assigned duties successfully

The following table shows the School Leaders elected and Prefects appointed for the year 2011.

No Class Index Position Name
1 10 B1 2292 School Captain Aminath Junana
2 10 S1 2331 Deputy School Captain Futhoon Ahmed
3 9 S1 2429 Sports Captain Mariyam Aalaau Mahmood
4 9 B1 2459 Deputy Sports Captain Dhua Abdulla Amaal
5 10 B1 2304 Kan’doo Captain Aishath Sham-aa
6 10 B1 2293 Nirolhu Captain Fathimath Ibrahim
7 10 B1 2312 Funama Captain Aishath Athira Usman
8 10 S1 2268 Unima Captain Aishath Samah
9 11 B 3246 Senior Prefect Fareesha Ahmed
10 10 S1 2295 Senior Prefect Fathimath Nazeera
11 10 S1 2906 Senior Prefect S.V.Sri Lalitha Priyanka
12 9 S1 2387 Senior Prefect Fathimath Usaama
13 10 B1 2285 Prefect Aishath Fareeha
14 10 B1 2303 Prefect Aishath Jinaan
15 10 S1 2560 Prefect Sanfa Nazaahath Ahmed
16 10 B1 2305 Prefect Tholaalath Ali
17 11 S 3250 Prefect Aishath Nasha Ali 
18 9 S1 3006 Prefect Mohamed Midh-hath
19 9 S1 2409 Prefect Maisoon Amjad
20 9 S1 2392 Prefect Aishath Jumana
21 9 S1 2407 Prefect Abdulla Rabaah
22 9 S1 2309 Prefect Shiba Abdul Ghanee
23 9 S1 3094 Prefect Hawwa Nafahath
24 9 S1 2397 Prefect Abdulla Majudhu Ahmed
25 9 S1 2441 Prefect Mukarram Mohamed
26 9 S1 2446 Prefect Khadheejath Nabahath
27 9 S1 2398 Prefect Manal Abdul Rahman Qaalib
28 9 S1 3205 Prefect Shaliya Yoosuf
29 8 S1 2525 Prefect Aadhath Hamoodha
30 8 S1 2494 Prefect Fathimath Aroofa
31 8 S1 2515 Prefect Fathimath Imsaau
32 8 S1 2491 Prefect Fathimath Sarrau Mohamed Fayyaz
33 8 S1 3361 Prefect Haleemath Reem Thoha
34 8 B1 2528 Prefect Hawwa Ibthisama Adam
35 8 B1 2501 Prefect Mariyam Siraath Abdulla
36 8 S1 2562 Prefect Mohamed Falih
37 8 S1 2554 Prefect Saaidha Mohamed
38 8 B1 2561 Prefect Waleef Sharath Hamidh
39 8 S1 2550 Prefect Zuha Fathuhulla
40 7B 2600 Junior Prefect Abdulla Saaidh
41 7B 2643 Junior Prefect Aishath Nafha Rasheedh
42 7A 2633 Junior Prefect Eman Hussain
43 7B 2647 Junior Prefect Fathimath Ifaga
44 7A 3350 Junior Prefect Huba Hamidh
45 7C 2657 Junior Prefect Ismail Aiham
46 7B 2684 Junior Prefect Jatin Karthik. T
47 7C 2634 Junior Prefect Mohamed Fizal
48 7C 2656 Junior Prefect Rafaaf Abdul Waahidh
49 11S 3377 Senior Prefect Abdulla Mohamed
50 11S 3380 Senior Prefect Aishath Alhan Hameed
51 11S 3387 Senior Prefect Ali Hussain
52 11S 3378 Senior Prefect Ali Nahuzan
53 11S   Senior Prefect Fathimath Azlifa
54 11S 3367 Senior Prefect Haleemath Hanaan
55 11S 3375 Senior Prefect Ifadha Mohamed
56 11B 3369 Senior Prefect Khdheejath Dhahaau Abdulla
57 11S 3372 Senior Prefect Kausar Yoosuf
58 11S 3370 Senior Prefect Lamha Ali
59 11B 3376 Senior Prefect Liwa Abdulla Amal
60 11B 3392 Senior Prefect Mohamed Maathiu Abdul Razzaq
61 11S 3382 Senior Prefect Mohamed Masoodh Abdul Wahhab
62 11S 3385 Senior Prefect Mahmeedh Jiyadh
63 11S 3373 Senior Prefect Tholhath Ali

Past events

  • Prefect Oath taking Ceremony 2011 – 14th July 2011
  • Year End Ceremony 2010 – 15th November 2010
  • Prefect Oath taking Ceremony 2010 – 8th march 2010
  • Year End Ceremony 2009 – 16th November 2009
  • Leadership  and Time Management Program – 13th to 14th August 2009
  • Prefect Oath taking Ceremony 2009 – 25th April 2009
  • Prefect Oath taking Ceremony 2008 – 2nd may 2008
  • Prefects Day 2007 – 21st September 2007
  • Prefect Oath taking Ceremony 2007 – 16th February 2007
  • Prefects Day 2006 – 21st September 2006
  • Prefects Oath taking Ceremony 2006 – 4th march 2006
  • Prefects day 2005 – 23rd September 2005
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