Alah Ai Mathivaru


The boys exclusive ‘AlahaiMathivaru’ was the first ever student association formed in Madhrasathulifthithaah. The main objective of Mathivaru was to put forth and develop Dhivehi literature and language among the students.Mathivaru has provided its members and other students with significant assistance in developing their language and literature abilities regarding Dhivehi.

This association was set Forth on 16th April 1946 (11 Jumadilawal 1365), during the management of KaanaKaleyfaanu. The first person to take the initiative of leading mathivaru was Mr.Mohamed Ali, along with Abdul Razzaq Mohamed as The first president.Mathivaru is being boundlessly time-honored by the stufends and staff of MadhrasathulIfthithaah and also by residents of Naifaru.

Apart from being a boys exclusive organization, Mathivaru was also like an internal affairs of boy students. Tasks such as selection of boy prefects and boys’ discipline issues were utterly handled by Mathivaru. In the past years, Mathivaru was vastly empowered by the school in variety of ways. Mathivaru also organized some competitions in the school among the students and houses.The competitions and programs generally organized by Mathivaru are:

  • Inter-house debate competition.
  • Grade 8 and above Madhaha competition.
  • Inter-house and inter-class quiz.
  •  Wall magazine competitions.
  • Football tournaments.
  • Fishing trips.

From the association, a magazine named “Mathivaru” is being published annually. The first version of this magazine was published on 25th November 1964 (1 Muharram 1366). The editor of the magazine at that time was student Abdulla Hassan Koi.111 issues of this magazine has been published until today. A wall magazine was also being publishes by Mathivaru which was named “Adu”. It was considered as a highly significant activity of mathivaru. However, the significance of such activities were stonewashed as time went on. But in 2009,thiswall magazine was redeveloped and brought back to life. It has continued in 2010 and is expected to continue on 20121.

The number of members of Mathivaru has stayed constant at 40 until 1994. On 1994, the number augmented to 50.This particular year was also the 50th anniversary, in other words the Golden Jubilee of Mathivaru. Thesshonour and boundless pleasure of being the president on golden jubilee was received by Mohamed waafiru. The 100 th Edition of the magazine “Mathivaru” was published on their 50th anniversary.

Not only the golden jubilee, but also the 49th anniversary of mathivaru was also a noteworthy the 49th anniversary, they began to raise finance for the golden jubilee function by various means such as TV shows and working days.they even buried a capsule (info missing). They also launched a message for the 50th jubilee function 

In 1994, some significant alterations were brought to the organization and criteria of theassociation.The changes brought were:

  • All the male students studying from above grade 8 were given membership by default.
  • Mathivaru to be just a literary association.
  • Introduction of literary secretary in the high committee of the association.
  • The president and the committee of Mathivaru were selected from among the students rather than teachers, by taking a vote among the members of mathivaru.



EventhoughMathivaru has been an active association in the past days, it started to fade over time. On 2005, the activities of mathivaru totally collapsed after the celebration of its 61st anniversary on 27th September 2005. There has been no recordof any activity of mathivaru afterwards, until the rebuild on 19th March 2009,withMs.Zaeema Ibrahim and Ms.SaadhiyaAbdhulLatheef. And again,there was another interval in the activities of Mathivaru.And was rebuilt at 2010 with Ms.Mariyam Ibrahim and Ms.Roohee as an incharge. Very little to no activity has been conducted by mathivaru in these past days, especially after the rebuild.

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