“Ekuveriyaa” is the girls exclusive association of Madhrasathulifthithaah, just like “AlahaiMthivaru”. It’s main aim was to develop the skills of the students in the field of education, literature, agriculture, social relations, and to improve the behaviors of the students.Ekuveriyaa also assists the members to familiarize with the basic works needed for a living.

This association was set-forth in 29th August 1950(15 Zulgaidha 1369), during the management of KaanaKaleygefaanu.The supreme leaders of Ekuveriya use to be the principal of MadhrasathulIfthithaah and his/her 3 deputies. The 3 deputies include of the deputy principal of the school, principal’s secretary, and one other person selected by the principal amongst the female teachers and female advisors. The main responsibility of these deputies is to helpfully complete any task that the leader asks them. The first leaders of Ekuveriya was:

  • Leader:                  Abdulla Hameed
  • Deputy Leader:    Abdulla Ali
  • Deputy Leader:    Abdulla Abdul Latheef
  • Deputy Leader:    HawwaHussain

Almost all the activities of the association will be carried out by the organizing secretary. Sports activities are carried out by the Sports secretary and deputy sports secretary. All the administrative works are carried out by the administrative secretary and deputy administrative secretary. All these posts are selected by the leader from among the members of Ekuveriyaa. All the tasks from the secretary are to be carried out in accordance to the advice of the leader.


  • The lifespan of the selected leaders are 4 months.
  • The leader can bring any alterations to the committee according to the behavior and their potential.
  • He/she can remove and select any member to the committee and to the association.
  • Ekuveriya should publish a magazine in an appropriate period of time. An editor for the magazine should be selected by the members. Other members of the editing committee should be selected by the editor herself.
  • Leader should arrange some sports activity in which only the members of Ekuveriyaa can take part.
  • In the anniversary of Ekuveriyaa, the leader should make way for the association to celebrate that day and to conduct any activity they have planned.

The association releases the magazine named “Ekuveriya”. The first edition was released in 23rd September 1960.78 editions of the magazine have been released since then. Moreover They also publishes a wall magazine named “Badhahi”.(N/A) editions of badhahi has been released until today. In the year 2004, the wall magazine took a huge interval. It was republished in the year 2009. And it continued in the year 2010. In 2011, no wall magazine has been published yet but is expected to continue.

Ekuveriyaa celebrated its golden jubilee  on 25th February 1999.

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